Field Trips

 Black Dog Farm offers field trip opportunities. On the ground, participants will learn:

  • Safety Around Equines
  • Basic Anatomy, Breeds, Behavior
  • Hands-On Grooming
  • Tack Up Explanation

There is a short (optional) ride where participants learn:

  • How to Mount/Dismount
  • Basic Riding Skills (Walk/Halt/Turn)
  • Safety While Riding

Field trips are offered on Saturdays and include up to two hours of instruction. We can accommodate groups ranging from 10 to 25 people. Children ages three and up can participate. 

Field trips will only be held in fair weather. All field trip participants are required to have a release form signed by their parents or guardians. Participants are required to wear closed toe shoes; those who show up without closed toe shows will not be permitted to ride. Riding helmets will be provided. Send us a message for pricing!