About Riding Lessons

Black Dog Farm teaches private lessons focused on horse care and the basic riding skills. Riding students learn how to properly groom, basic groundwork, proper horse and tack terminology, how to saddle, and how to ride. 

Once the riding students have all of the basic skills mastered, they get to choose what they would like to focus on. Black Dog Farm offers introductions into barrel racing, pole bending, show jumping, trail courses, dressage, equitation, and much more! We even offer courses on the foundations of bridleless riding and horse training.

Black Dog Farm offers one free trial lesson for those who would like to try lessons before booking weekly lessons. These lessons allow lesson students and their parents to meet the horses, our instructor, and tour the barn. Contact us to book a trial lesson.

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Work to Ride Day

Black Dog Farm offers a completely unique program at our farm: Work to Ride Day! Horse care is one of our main priorities here at Black Dog Farm right after safety and riding skills. 

It is not easy to fit in some parts of horse care into normal lessons because we do not want to take away from riding time. To allow the riding students more barn time and experiences working with horses, there is a Work to Ride Day each month. During this time the kids will do some work in the barn and on the farm in exchange for free, supervised riding.

There is more information provided about Work to Ride Day to our riding students. 

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